Up at half five for a run early morning,

my alarm startled me out of my snoring,

out before the day’s dawning,

the sun still hiding under a distant awning.

Had to get out early, beat the sunrise,

didn’t want that early autumn sun in my eyes,

didn’t want it beating down on me

that, today, was key,

key to a good run,

so good that I’d almost call it fun.

Now showered, dressed,

feeling refreshed,

had breakfast, now having a coffee,

feeling alive, up for the day ahead,

legs no longer feeling like led,

now got a spring in my step,

not feeling like I did at 5.30, half dead.

Enough said, you get the point,

running gives me a high, a buzz,

no need for a joint,

it’s called self-care, 

it’s quite common these days,

it’s not rare,

I can’t rely solely on my pills, 

running helps to kill my ills.

Try it, exercise, 

you’ll thank me,

you’ll see,

get out of your comfort zone,

don’t spend every waking minute at home,

wiling away the hours gossiping on the phone,

come on, you know it makes sense,

the benefit, it’s life-saving,

it can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

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