“Oh how I wish I’d been diagnosed with ADHD when I was at school,

Rather than having the teachers label me as lazy and a fool,

Things wouldn’t have been as they were when I was a kid,

When all teachers wanted when they looked at me was to get rid!

I felt well out of sorts this morning, couldn’t settle,

I was most definitely not in fine fettle,

But then I took my pills, including my Adderall for ADHD,

And, suddenly, again, I was me – those pills were the key.

But just as important is self-care,

Especially when I’m finding the day intolerable, hard to bear,

Like last night, full of frustration,

So out I took myself for a run and there it was, a feeling of liberation.

So, you see, I don’t suffer with my ills,

I live with them, thanks to self-care and my pills,

So if you’re feel down, feeling low, on a go slow,

And it has been going on for many days in a row,

Go to see your doctor and do some physical exercise,

You’ll be surprised by the difference those two actions can make,

I’m not exaggerating, I’m not a fake, I am telling you as it is.

The right meds, self-care, the right attitude, 

sleep, food,

it all makes for rude health,

and that is the wealth that really makes a difference.

Rising up from the depths, the dark, 

It’s hard work, it’s not a lark,

But it can be done, life can be fun,

And, what’s done it for me, the right pills and going out for that run.

So, remember, talk about it, see your doc and engage in self-caring,

It will have an enormous bearing on your physical and mental health.”


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