“Adderall for my ADHD,

and coffee, that’s me, free

of the shackles of fatigue and lethargy,

I now feel awake, alive,

but for Corona there’d be high-fives all around,

yup, now feel sound as a pound,

let’s have a round of applause for adderall and caffeine,

I mean, in the words of James Brown – and he knew, he was no clown, he was a dude – 

“I feel goooood!”

And then there are the antidepressants, the OCD meds and the pills for the panic attacks,

they help me to live life to the max,

but I can’t depend solely on the meds,

instead I must add something else to the mix,

something to bring about a fix,

I need a full box of tricks,

and that something is self-care,

without it, extras like my running,

life would still be a nightmare!

Before I found running,

I was, at best, functioning,

but running allows me to live, to feel alive,

to thrive,

I have to make an effort, put in some hard work,

not shirk from my responsibility

to myself and my loved ones,

responsibility to help myself

and there’s a wealth of things I can do

to renew myself,

to keep my head above water,

and I oughta, and I do, do them, 

not just running, there’s also music,

and I use it as a self-care tool.

So, I’ll be out tonight, running,

I’ll be gunning for the depression,

for the black dog,

I’ll run through the darkness, the fog,

I’ll kick it into touch,

to ask of myself, it’s not much,

just a short run,

fun or not,

it’ll stop the rot.

My last word, I hope you’re all doing ok,

that even in lockdown, the odd sunshine ray is getting through,

that you, too, are managing some self-care,

that it’s not rare out there,

and here’s hoping that we’ll be back to normal soon,

and I, for one, when we are, shall be over the moon!”


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