Every day is a struggle with my demons,

the little buggers trying 24/7 to bring me down,

every day, those voices, “you can’t do it!”- it can be deafening!

But I fight harder than my demons,

they give me their best shot,

mine’s better,

sometimes I land a sucker punch,

my voice is louder than theirs,

I drown out their filth!

My demons try to drag me to the sidelines,

but I won’t go – I stay on the pitch,

I make commitments, to myself and others,

I fill my diary,

I keep busy,

I set myself goals,

short, medium and long-term goals,

I grow,

I position myself outside my comfort zone,

I don’t put my feet up when I find myself in another comfort zone,

comfort zones are dead zones, they’re cemeteries for the soul.

I don’t suffer with depression, I live with it,

I live successfully with depression.

Depression is a black dog:

I walk the dog, the dog doesn’t walk me!

I won’t be a victim, I’m the boss, I’m in control.

Don’t be a victim in life, don’t give up,

fight your way out of your comfort zone,

don’t settle for second best,

live life to the fullest, to the max,

fight against your demons of complacency and laziness,

don’t place in front of you hurdles of lame excuses,

don’t consign yourself to a future of regrets.

Regrets are mostly about what we didn’t do, not so much about what we did do.

Don’t waste time – it’s too precious!

Let the fact that time flies, that the sands of time are running down, running out, be the spur to your action:


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