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Brené Brown:

Greatness: “to own your story and love yourself through the process”.

I am aiming for 100% of the first limb of that definition, I’m at about 80% currently. On the second limb of the definition, I’m at about 20%.

Brené, many people, say that we have to love ourselves if we are to be able to love others, that we have to have compassion for ourselves if we are to be able to feel compassion for others.

All I know is that I CAN and DO love other people, have and feel compassion for others, without loving myself, without feeling much compassion for myself.

I think that compassion for others can come from the pain you feel in yourself, that the love you feel for others can be fuelled by the disdain that you feel towards yourself, that your need for self-compassion can fuel your compassion and empathy for others. 

I guess the word here is ‘unworthiness’, that people in my boat have to find a way of feeling worthy – but surely it’s quite normal for there to be a gap between the worthiness we feel in ourselves and the worthiness that we see and feel in others, surely it’s quite normal for people to love others more than they love themselves?? Isn’t my not loving myself simply a reflection of humility, a reflection of the fact that I’m not a narcissist?


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