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“Depression is often invisible,

to deny that it’s an illness, that is risible. 

Sufferers, listen, there’s no reason to feel shame, 

I don’t want to see nor hear the word ‘blame’.

Many years ago, depression almost killed me, 

I was as good as dead,

the doctors said

they didn’t know if I’d pull through, 

if I’d make it. 

I certainly didn’t fake it,

my illness was real,

the docs didn’t know if I would heal.

I was ill, and to this day, I am still.

Life’s a rollercoaster but, most-a the time,

the light drowns out the dark,

and I’m usually aware, 

thanks to the pills, for my ills,

that my thoughts don’t reflect my reality,

that the disconnection, the numbness, the stillness,

they are manifestations, symptoms, of my illness.

Sufferers, if I can bounce back from Intensive Care, 

something which is not at all rare,

you, too, can get well again,

like so many children, women and men.

At the end of the tunnel there is light,

please have faith in my being right.

When I got my meds right, 

it was like I was regaining my sight,

and everything became clear:

there was no more fear.

I still, always will, have my ups and downs,

not every day is a funfair, replete with comics and clowns,

but thanks to my meds, the docs and nurses, my family and my running,

I’m able to keep fighting the good fight with all my might.

I, now, don’t just function, 

I live life to the max,

having acknowledged the facts

about depression,

that it’s real, not a myth,

that it is an illness I can live with.” – koby

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