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I have kept this blog a politics-free zone up until now but I am so angered by what Corbyn has said today that even venting my spleen on Facebook hasn’t calmed me down. I have to blog about it and voice my outrage far and wide.



Corbyn is a disgrace and he must go NOW. It is essential, Britain being a democracy, that there is a fit-for-purpose Opposition to keep the Government on its toes, to question Ministers and to hold the Government to account. Whilst Corbyn remains at the helm of the Labour Party, there is no functioning, fit-for-purpose Opposition.



Corbin today:


“Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled Islamic states or organisations.”



Corbyn cannot wriggle out of this one – what he has said is clear and can be neither misunderstood nor misinterpreted. He seems to have chosen his words carefully:


“self-styled Islamic states or organisations” = ISIS.



He is comparing Israel and Netanyahu to ISIS. However much one might disagree with the politics of Bibi Netanyahu – and I’m not a fan of his!! – to compare him to the leaders of ISIS confirms that he, Corbyn, is, to use a political term, completely off his trolley!



I have lived in Israel for almost 4 years and I give you my word – I have never seen a blindfolded gay person being pushed off a building. I do know that Gay Pride was another resounding success in Israel this year. I have never seen Arabs, who I see on my local high street every day, I have never seen any being rounded up and taken away, never to be seen again and, again, I give you my word, I have never seen Arabs being shot or hung from trees or executed anywhere in Israel.



Israel is not perfect, Bibi Netanyahu is far from perfect but to compare Israel and Netanyahu to ISIS, to say – and do listen, this is what he said – to say that Israel and Netanyahu is the same as ISIS, that, in and of itself, is so outrageous, is the product of such a warped mind, it is so unworthy of a Leader of the British Labour Party, that Corbyn must go NOW!



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