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Unfortunately, there are many people who believe this vile, antisemitic claptrap:



There’s a post going around, a photo of Jacob Rothschild, ‘quoting him’ as saying, “My family is worth 500 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars, we own nearly every central bank in the world (how can anyone believe that? – sadly, millions do!), we financed both sides (both!!) of every war since Napoleon (Napoleon?%$#@!), we own your news, the media, your oil and your Government…”



Someone I know, usually very fair and objective, an educated, intelligent person, believes that!! I told her that it’s pure antisemitism and she said that I shouldn’t be naive and shouldn’t think that these sort of things are ‘conspiracy’ theories. She said that it’s disgraceful that one man can have so much power over our lives and that something should be done about it. This shocked and scared me – things are definitely getting worse when fair-minded, intelligent, objective people believe this sort of bile.



‘They’ are getting cleverer – note, no use of the word Jew but ‘they’ know that people know that Rothschild is Jewish, they don’t have to spell it out, they don’t refer to ‘the Jews’, they shield themselves from accusations of antisemitism by not referring to Jews.



I guess the same people who believe this rubbish also believe that we bake mazor (Passover unleavened bread) with the blood of Christian babies. I guess that these people believe that ‘The Elders of the Protocols of Zion’ is a true story.



It’s a trap and very bright, usually objective, fair-minded people fall into it.



‘Britain First’ is another of those manipulative, clever marketing racist groups – they hide behind their innocent, innocuous posts knowing that they, the posts, will be ‘shared’ thousands of times, their name will achieve a higher profile, they’ll gain an ever-increasing following and will be able to claim that their group, their racist group, is hugely popular.



Antisemitism/racism is insidious. It hides behind cloaks of respectability, it is spoken by ‘respected’ people in society – that gives it credibility – it manipulatively propagates its poison, subconsciously, seed by seed, planted surreptitiously in unsuspecting people’s brain where it takes root and grows and, before not too long, we have a new generation of antisemites and racists.



These ‘new’ antisemites are frighteningly, chillingly clever ¬†– ¬†they are playing the long game, slowly slowly, tapping into people’s subconscious…



It genuinely frightens me and we must be alert…

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