That Panorama programme goes on air on Wednesday 10 July. It’s Monday 8th today and Jeremy Corbyn and the horrors in his inner sanctum are running around in panic, headless chickens all!


Bottom line, if they had nothing to hide, if they thought that the whole thing was going to be a work of fiction, they would be rubbing their hands with glee, overjoyed that the BBC was about to give them a platform on which, with the sunshine of legal action shining brightly on Broadcasting House, they could, once and for all, clear their names, show the world that they are not antisemitic, that they, as George Galloway recently said of himself, love Jews, that they are addressing the issue of antisemitic infiltration in the UK Labour Party with 100% determination (that it should go, not stay!) and that those accusing the Party of institutional antisemitism are using it as a weapon to attack Corbyn’s leadership.


Corbyn’s lot don’t seem to be looking forward to the Panorama exposure, they don’t seem to regard Panorama as a gift.



An article in yesterday’s ‘The Sunday Times’ was pure nectar:



‘Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, said yesterday that the documentary featured former staff members with a “political axe to grind” and accused the broadcaster of presenting a “partial view”. Mr Gardiner insisted that his party did not use gagging orders to cover up illegal behaviour, telling Sophy Ridge on Sky News that Labour deployed them to prevent former staff from leaking confidential information.’


Classic, textbook, denial response/deflection, to accuse Corbyn’s detractors of fabricating Labour Party antisemitism, using it as a weapon to attack the leadership. Gardiner is positioning himself on the wrong side of history. He will – he MUST – go down with Corbyn!


‘John Cryer, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, condemned Labour’s handling of antisemitism cases. He told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour: “We’ve failed to address antisemitism. The bottom line is, are we kicking people out of the party who are antisemitic? In some cases yes we are, but in some cases no. If you’re a racist, you shouldn’t be in the Labour Party.’


John Cryer is on the right side of history. Jeremy Corbyn cherry picks his anti-racsim (and his pacifism and humanitarianism). He is a hypocrite. If you are anti-racist, you cannot pick and choose who comes under your umbrella of respect! If you exclude one group, you are a racist.


The article goes on:


‘Lord Falconer, who was due to conduct a review into Labour’s handling of antisemitism cases until the Equalities and Human Rights Commission announced its own investigation, said: “This is deeply wrong. The public interest supports fullest public disclosure of those matters to ensure [anti- semitism] cases are handled properly by Labour.”’.


Thank you, Lord Falconer.


‘Tom Watson, the deputy leader, tweeting that using expensive media lawyers to try to silence employees was futile and stupid:


“It’s not the Labour way and I deplore it,”’


Thank you, Tom Watson.


‘Wes Streeting (@wesstreeting), MP for Ilford North, pledged to use parliamentary privilege to expose antisemitism in his party. He tweeted: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. No more excuses or hiding places. You should promise the same, Jeremy Corbyn.”’


Thank you, Wes Stressing.



I am constantly, on social media, singing the praises of, amongst others, Wes Streeting and Tom Watson. It takes unimaginable, mind boggling courage to stand up to the Corbynite thugs, the threats and the intimidation. I have no doubt that it takes the same courage that it’ll have taken in the 30’s to stand up to Mosley’s Blackshirts. I salute their courage and devotion to the principles of the (non-Corbyn) Labour Party. If you haven’t seen the abuse that they, and other brave Labour Party souls, are taking minute after minute on social media (and, doubtless, in all other areas of their lives), do check it out.



However, I have also been saying for some time now the following:


I understand why, when others left, Wes, Tom and others, whilst publicly decrying the lack of action on antisemitism in the Labour Party, why they stayed. I have huge respect for those who left because of it but I understand that others wanted to stay to fight for the soul of the Labour Party, to defend it against the Corbynites. However, enough’s enough. The Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic, it is rotten to and at its very core. Anti-Corbyn Labour MPs cannot remain in the Party and criticise him whilst standing on doorsteps campaigning for a Corbyn PM’ship. If you are with Corbyn, you stay in the Party; if you are against him, you can no longer stay in the Party. You have to leave and do everything you can to ensure that Corbyn and his cesspit of a Party do not come to power.



More from the article:


‘It is understood that Jon Lansman, head of the grassroots Momentum movement, could reply to Panorama’s allegations on Labour’s behalf, in a sign the party recognises the scale of the problem. Mr Lansman, a member of Labour’s national executive committee, said this year that the party had many more members who hold “hardcore antisemitic opinions” than thought.’


And if ever there was a damning statement about Corbyn’s Labour Party, there it is! That statement, together with the fact that it was made by the head of Momentum, says it all.



There is no difference between white, ‘skinhead’, fascist, antisemitic thugs and Corbynite antisemitic thugs. They are ALL extremists. Looking at 20th century history’s farthest ends of the ‘political’ spectrum, those who were being butchered by Stalin’s lot and Hitler’s lot, I don’t suppose they cared who was doing the butchering. Hitler and Stalin were two peas in a putrid pod. Antisemitic Corbynites and antisemitic members of the BNP are one and the same. Corbynites point at swastika graffiti when there are attacks on buildings and cemetery desecrations, they say, “Look, see, the problem is on the ‘right’, not the ‘left'”: deflection! Moreover, I’m sure that Islamic extremists associated with Corbyn’s left, and others aligned with him, wave swastika flags and daub buildings with nazi slogans – whatever they think will bait Jews.


Corbyn and his acolytes claim to be motivated by empathy and kindness: they are not. They are angry subversives who hate everything that makes up the foundations of Britain. Corbyn, given a free hand, would dig up those foundations and rebuild Britain in a way that would satisfy his angry, spiteful, hateful, vengeful mindset. That is what motivates Jeremy Corbyn, hatred, anger and spite (and I don’t believe that he has got a chip on his shoulder – I believe that he has a chip on both!). He is twisted! You can be a well-meaning ‘quite far to the left’ Labour Party MP with whom I disagree on matters of economic policy but that’s not how it is with Corbyn – I mean I do disagree with ‘his’ economic ideas (more precisely, Marx’s [debunked] economic ideas) but, crucially, IMHO, he is not at all well-meaning, his mindset is hatred. Corbyn et al have bought into the old, classical antisemitic tropes, that the Jews are the ones who crank the motor, the engine, of global capitalism. Corbyn’s hatred of globalisation and capitalism is inextricably linked, again, IMHO, to Jews and to Israel. It’s all at the core of what makes that nasty man and his ilk tick.


Corbyn is THE poster boy for UK extremist, subversive, intolerant, vacuous, soap box, “emperor’s new clothes”, demagogical, populist politics. The only saving grace is that, unlike some populist politicians, Corbyn is so unintelligent, so devoid of political nous and talent, that, hopefully, he will never realise his dream of becoming PM. He doesn’t have the brains, nor does he have the charisma. The horror that he is, and the danger that he represents, is on display for all to see.

[And, for the record, I am politically in the centre! The above is not an attack on Corbyn from the far right groupings in the Conservative Party/Brexit Party/UKIP].

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