Miles Webber, an old school pal of mine – and a LABOUR PARTY stalwart, member, worker, supporter for the last 28 years – this is his Labour Party membership card:



I have no doubt that he’ll have cut that card with a mixture of emotions – extreme sadness – heartbreak – extreme anger and utter bewilderment.


He posted, with the photo of his membership card, the following on Facebook:


“And so it came to pass…after 28 years of Labour Party membership I have today resigned from the party. I’m just another ‘Jew’ – so they will be delighted to have rid of me. I stood as the Labour Party candidate in my mock school elections in 1987 and joined the party soon after, becoming a CLP secretary, a shortlisted Parliamentary Candidate in the mid-90’s, a trade union official, Executive Director of Labour Friends of Israel from 1993-1996, a campaigner, donor and supporter. The events of the last 24 hours have simply now crossed the final of many red lines…”



We know what’s going on:


the antisemitism – the institutional antisemitism – in the Labour Party has been growing and becoming more evident and transparent since Corbyn and his antisemitic, verminous cabal took over the once great and noble Party, the ‘natural home’ of the UK’s Jewish Community – THAT’s the tragedy, THAT’s why this is so horrific!


This is not a move to the far right within the Conservative Party,


this is the LABOUR PARTY,


THE party in which all minorities should feel comfortable,


THE Party which should be a refuge for ALL minorities from discrimination and persecution.



The fact that this is happening in the UK Labour Party, the IHRA definition of antisemitism fiasco, it is a watershed moment and it is a very loud warning bell – if it can happen in the Labour Party, it can happen anywhere and everywhere in the UK! If this hatred was happening in the BNP, it would be dismissed as a grouping of fringe lunatics – the fact that it is happening in the Labour Party does not, and must not, somehow make it ok – it must not be seen as ok because it’s in the Labour Party and not in a fringe far right Party! Antisemitism, racism, discrimination, persecution must be fought wherever it resides!
The far right does not have a monopoly on hatred – the only difference between the far right and the far/hard left is whom they hate, THOUGH THEY BOTH HATE JEWS!



Jeremy Corbyn, Jennie Formby et al wouldn’t define homophobia for gay people, they wouldn’t define racism when directed at black people, the fact that they wouldn’t overrule Muslims and define Islamophobia but that they tell Jews that they’ll define antisemitism, that they single out Jews, that they tell Jews that they, Corbyn and co, will define antisemitism, that our definition doesn’t work for them (though it does work for the UK government, Scottish government and the Welsh Assembly, more than 130 local councils, the police, the CPS and the judiciary as well as many countries around the world), that hypocrisy is confirmation that they are antisemites.


Corbyn has, in effect, told the vast majority of UK Jews, “GO TO HELL!”



The only Jews they are ok with are self-loathing Jews and those who despise Israel – Corbyn et al hide behind these people, attempt to legitimise themselves by association, they use them and their warped minds as support for their positions (“look, these Jews agree with us!”). They use these Jews to ‘divide and rule’. I’m surprised that, as yet, we haven’t heard Corbyn proclaim: “some of my best friends are Jews!” (he probably has said it, I just haven’t heard it).



Corbyn knows what he’s doing – he wouldn’t be doing it if there were a few million Jews in the UK, he’d know that it wouldn’t be politically prudent (maybe I’m wrong, maybe he would!). He knows that – and this is chilling – for him, his antisemitism is a vote-WINNER! He knows that there are millions of antisemites in the UK, perhaps hundreds of thousands like him but millions who are apathetic about antisemitism which, in effect, is great for Corbyn. He knows that “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.



Whilst I am full of admiration and respect for the Labour Party MP’s who are publicly and vociferously standing up to Corbyn and the others in his lair – their courage in the face of thuggery and intimidation is colossal – I am wondering if they should do what John Woodcock did, quit the Party and sit as an Independent or whether that is what Corbyn wants, a clear out of those who don’t agree with his positions so that he can fill the vacancies with his sort: quit the Party or stay and fight for it, defend it from Corbyn’s antisemitism, save it?



Tragic, scary, surreal times in which we live…


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