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When I started ‘CARRY ON KOBY’, I intended to keep it a politics-free zone. However, Jeremy Corbyn’s conduct in the matter of The Privy Council has infuriated me and I have to vent my spleen (I’ll probably regret it and remove it from the blog shortly).

Jeremy Corbyn, hiking when he should have been at Buckingham Palace for The Queen to induct him into the Privy Council. What a disgrace! He really should grow up. Who does he think he is??!! It’s just how it is, it’s protol, it’s how things are done, he has a ‘duty’ to go to the Palace for the induction. He is Leader of HER MAJESTY’S Opposition, that is his job, it’s not a private company, he can’t chose his title and job role. He has to go to see The Queen  –  it’s in his ‘job spec’. The Queen is not going to force him to kneel or to kiss her ring, it’s just a procedure that has to be done in person. I’m sure the Queen is less interested in seeing Corbyn that he is of seeing her! I’m sure that The Queen really doesn’t want to see him. What next, Jeremy? You don’t like the Tories so you won’t speak to any Conservative MP. Are there going to be tantrums?

Corbyn has no class. It’s about respect. He is part of the British Parliamentary infrastructure and he, and everyone else who is part of that world, has to follow the form. Corbyn might not like to see himself as part of The Establishment (or, secretly, perhaps he loves it) but he is and it’s bigger than little him. He is not a dictator (although I’m sure he’d like to be!), he is a ‘player’ in British Politics and there are rules, procedures and there’s protocol to be followed by ALL the players, including him. In Yiddish terminology, he should be a ‘mensch’, do the right thing, but he’s acting like a right ‘beyts’ (opposite of a mensch).

Quite frankly, it would be better for the country if Corbyn were not on the Privy Council….do we really want him being privy (excuse the pun) to security briefings etc without having to sign The Official Secrets Act? Do we really want him to be privy to security briefings etc even if he does sign the OSA?

The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn?%$#@!

It is crucial that the Labour Party acts as a strong opposition, that is demanded of a democracy, but Jeremy Corbyn is turning the Party into a shambles.

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