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A colossal loss. This great man has passed away. Dreadful news kicking off the new week!



We live in a world today which seems oblivious to, and has not learnt from, the depths of depravity to which mankind has sunk in the past and continues to sink to today. Elie Wiesel devoted his life to the memory of victims of incomprehensible evil, not just to bring perpetrators to justice, not just in honour of the victims but to impress upon the minds, the consciousness and the hearts of all of us the continued existence of evil, of the insidious nature of evil and to make us aware of the warning signs which were so obvious to Elie but which are invisible and inaudible to most.



In the battle between good and evil, good sheds tears today, tears of sadness, tears of loss, good shivers with fear….evil smiles because one of its biggest enemies has passed away.



May the memory of Elie Wiesel z”l be cherished and kept alive and may his words, his lessons, his teachings, his warnings be repeated, echoed and taken to heart and mind for the rest of time.


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