“The holy grail, an escape from going stale,

peace of mind, you will find,

if your body, mind, soul and heart are in sync,

a work of art.

With the right state of mind,

you will find

that peace of mind.

If you feel gratitude and contentment, not resentment,

if you stop chasing, racing,

you will find that peace of mind.

Don’t consign yourself to a life of frustration,

of torture, torment and aggravation,

authenticity is key,

let honesty be your life’s guiding policy.

If it’s not an authentic life,

you’ll know trouble and strife,

don’t have regrets,

no should’ves, no would’ve.

Manifest love, kindness and empathy,

don’t ration your compassion.

Genuine gratitude, not a platitude,

forgiveness, don’t bear a grudge,

don’t carry yourself like a ‘hanging judge’.

Kindness matters,

without it, our lives would be in tatters;

a life of giving, adopt the right attitude,

manifest gratitude,

do that and you’ll never go stale,

you will achieve the holy grail.”


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