“Some days, just getting up in the morning 

can be an achievement, 

It can be difficult when you feel like you’ve

suffered a bereavement,

Take it easy, don’t frown,

Don’t let depression get you down.

It’s Sunday, it needn’t be a fun day,

Life’s a rollercoaster, lots of ups and downs,

Not every day is for jesters and clowns.

Cut yourself some slack

Don’t look at other people,

Besides, everyone is putting on an act,

You know that for a fact.

Relax, chill, listen to music, cook,

Or get comfy, have a coffee 

and read a good book,

Look, Sundays can be tough,

On our hands, too much time,

I’ve got enough to ponder this rhyme!

Lots of people in the same boat,

Sundays can really get our goat.

Tomorrow will be different,

It is another day,

Just relax for now,

And think of it that way” – koby

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