“The attitude of gratitude is the place of true joy,

the real McCoy,
it’s a place of giving, not taking,
of being authentic,
not faking,
it’s part of the human condition 
to push forward a mission to make the world a better place,
which isn’t easy when you get caught up in the rat race.

Anger, envy, ego, self,
they are the antithesis, the destroyer,
of true, in-the-soul, wealth.

True joy requires us to manifest
gratitude, empathy, kindness and love,
it’s divined from above,
we mustn’t ration compassion.

The veracity of our ability 
to continually expand our capacity
for giving,
to make the world a better place 
for all living creatures, all sentient beings,
it’s proven,
woven into the fabric of so many people’s lives.

Ego, the self, they are a bad place,
they have you living at an unsustainable pace,
they consign you to disappointment and regret,
and if you let them,
they will blind you, 
sentence you to a future of misery, upset and that regret.

If you inculcate empathy, compassion, kindness and forgiveness 
into your mindset,
giving and gratitude into your life,
that attitude will take you to a sweet place,
a place of joy and peace of mind;
you will find it if you downgrade the self,
if you stop giving one hundred percent
to the hunt for personal wealth,
if you step back from gluttony and me, me, me.

If you take your cue from your soul,
that which points you in the direction of your role,
you’ll find yourself on the trail to the holy grail,
true joy,
and you will find
peace of mind.”


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