“I set my alarm for 5am,

to get out for a run 

in time to beat the sun,

but instead of getting up early morning,

8am saw me still snoring.

I’ll pay a heavy price,

running before Shabbat today won’t be nice,

my poor feet will cook like plates of meat!

Run? More like trot, it’ll be SO hot!

The run is hanging over me like a dark cloud,

I dare say that, when I’m running, I’ll be swearing out loud,

but I’ll never get through it if I accentuate the negative;

I must be positive, see the challenge and embrace it,

erase the negative thoughts, 

yes, I ought to,

I must if I’m going to be able to leave my frown in the dust

and replace it with a smile of satisfaction,

make the action successful.

Now, I’m readying myself,

steadying my nerve,

and by 5, I’ll be coming alive,

I’ll be ready for the challenge,

the heat,

and I’ll beat it.

I’ll do it, 

I’ll cross the finishing line

and the victory will be all mine.

The victory over negative thoughts will be sweet,

I dare say that I’ll tweet it,

encourage others to get out of their comfort zones,

to own their successes and futures,

it’s the only way 

to keep negativity at bay,

to keep going,

never to quit,

to show grit and perseverance,

not to glance backwards,

to only look forwards towards growth.

This afternoon, going out for a run, 

leaving the house, it’ll be a wrench,

I can already smell the stench of sweat,

but I’ll manifest strength

and I’ll run the full length of the course,

and, next time I set my alarm for an early morning start,

I’ll be smart,

I’ll hear the bleeps

and there’ll be no more sleep,

I’ll reap the benefits of an early morning run

which is, without doubt, more fun than a summer’s afternoon run!”


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