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“Want to feel alive?

Live in the moment like you did when you were five?

Feel excitement?


Get out of your home,

Step out of your comfort zone,

Put in you diary a new target,

A standard you’ve never before met,

Set yourself a new goal,

Ask yourself, “What is my role?”

The challenge needn’t be that big,

You don’t have to scale an oil rig!

Go to a comedy store and grab the open mic

Or you and some friends, head off on a long hike.

What about losing those extra pounds,

Cutting back on those lager rounds?

Or take up ballroom dancing,

Fun way to spend time with your partner, romancing!

Just push the envelope,

Get your highs from that, not by smoking dope!

Start running, couch to 5k,

That’ll help to keep depression at bay!

Or what about a parachute jump,

That’ll stop you becoming, a tired, jaded old frump!

And when you do achieve,

You’ll start to self-believe,

You’ll feel liberated, empowered,

Showered with confidence,

Go on, in the words of Del Boy,

“You know it makes sense.””


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