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“It’s all about getting into sync your body, mind, heart and soul,

It’s about authenticity and feeling whole,

Allowing your values to be a bridge

Between what you do and what you think,

Allowing your values to be that link.

For me, life coaching is my natural space,

It puts a smile upon my face,

Giving people a lift,

When there might be in their relationships a rift,

To help people low on self-confidence,

Well, to me, it just makes sense,

It feels like a calling,

Being in this arena, it has stopped me falling,

I find the study of life-coaching enthralling,

It helps me avoid a black dog mauling,

Coach U’s lecturers, they make it fun, our studies,

They’re so cool, not fuddy duddies,

I’m moving forward, no longer stalling,

The fog is lifting,

Life-coaching is gifting me a new life lease,

This is a colossal relief!

I’m bound to be more pleasant to be around,

A better husband, a better father to my sons and my daughter,

Well, I ought-a be,

Now empowered, liberated,

My appetite satiated,

No longer berated by the self-judgmental me,

Life-coaching is proving to be the key

And it’s my calling to help others,

My fellow man, my sisters and my brothers,

To live their best life,

To partner them as they escape their strife,

To support them on their journey,

As they look to find 

Joy and peace of mind.”

I’m making this career change at age fifty-four,

Even at this age, there are so many opportunities in store,

So if you’re feeling jaded, washed up, tired,

Mired in boredom, feeling like there must be more,

Look to your core, your values, your soul, 

Think, what is my role?

Don’t consign yourself to a future of regret,

Set a new course,

Your soul is the truth source,

Remember, get into sync your heart and soul, body and mind

And joy and peace of mind you will find.” Koby

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