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“Sometimes I feel like speaking, letting rip with some vociferous oratory,

But oft times, no, some writing, some poetry,

That’s what I want to create:

Poetry needn’t have a proscribed shape, symmetry,

It can flow, I can allow myself some artistic licence,

I sense that that’s what I’m doing now, free verse,

No need to practise, rehearse,

It’s just consciousness streams,

Well, it makes a change from all of those repetitive memes!

Writing poetry , it’s cathartic, it removes me, I could be on the Equator or in the Antarctic,

It feels good, spiritual,

Not that it’s a religious ritual,

It’s just that, sometimes, I need to create,

Act immediately, catch the spark before it’s too late.

Yes, that’s done the trick, given me a lift,

It’s a gift to myself, a bit of self-care,

I have to grab those creative moments because they are all too rare,

Ignore them, I don’t dare

Because it’s healthy to self-express,

To do less, would be a soul-based crime.

I got to the spark in time,

In time to put down on paper my rhymes.

Job done,

I enjoyed that, it was fun.

Some people sing, some paint,

Don’t tell yourself that there ain’t something creative that you can do to express yourself,

There’s a wealth of untapped talent out there,

You can create,

Don’t berate yourself as talentless,

Don’t try to convince yourself that you’re a creative mess!

It’s in all of us, an ability to self-express,

You can do it, accept no less!

To enjoy it, you don’t have to be world class, a world beater, a record holder,

You just have to enjoy yourself, go on, get creating before you get any older.

Do something creative and share it on Facebook,

Let us all have a look into your soul.

Surprise yourselves,

Delve into your soul and find that creative spark,

Be determined to witness the shining star of creativity,

Let that spark be a light in the darkness of laziness,

You’re in the comfort zone of ignorance if you think that it’s not in you.

Create something new and enjoy the process, let us see what is in your soul,

Express yourself creatively and feel whole.” – Koby

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