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Footballers costing $220m, 

there should be shame, 

I mean, football, it’s only a game! 

Who is to blame for global poverty? 

Global corruption, 

an eruption of greed which suffocates those in need, 

this is not the human condition, 

there needs to be global contrition! 

Division, poverty, homelessness, hunger, despair, 

the world is in dire need of repair! 

But there’s too much power in the hands of a 

narcissistic shower of world leaders. 

Power is in the wrong hands, 

people with control over lands and people, 

leaders who profess to be Godly 

whilst praying by the church steeple. 

We need global democracy, 

not bureaucracy, democracy! 

Power and wealth is in the grip of the self. 

At the top, there’s little caring, 

little will for sharing, 

compassion is rationed. 

And those who do care, 

who want to share, 

who want to serve, 

they are powerless 

in a global infrastructure set up to preserve 

the fracture between them and us. 

I want to see REAL democracy, 

less bureaucracy, small government, 

more sharing, 

more caring, empathy and kindness, 

politicians who lead the people, 

systems in which the latter matter! 

I want to see the UN disappear, 

see it only in the rear view mirror, 

enough’s enough, 

time to get tough with that corrupt, shoddy body! 

Education is the key to social mobility, 

it is the tree of life, 

it’s the key to ending so much trouble and strife. 

South America, The Middle East, the African continent, 

so much corruption and incompetence, 

but the leaders continue to steer, 

thanks to fear instilled in the people. 

But ‘The West’, ok, it is the best 

but it ain’t perfect, far from it, 

it’s not complete democracy, 

too much bureaucracy, 

leaders are still there to serve the few, 

and we often rue the day we put the leaders up there, 

as we stare, helplessly, 

hoping against hope for a crumb, 

whilst they holiday on benefactors’ yachts, 

drinking expensive rum. 

We need a strong US President 

to be resident in The White House, 

a strong leader with a good heart, 

smart and kind, 

a leader prepared to use her/his power 

to help rid the world of that corrupt shower, 

one who puts the people first, 

not a thirst for power, self-aggrandisement and riches. 

We need a strong US President, 

her/his Party in control of Congress 

so that she/he is able to do her/his very best. 

We need a US President, 

not a bureaucratic system, 

to be in control, 

we need American power 

to take a toll on corrupt nations, 

on their leaders. 

We need a US President to build a coalition 

of the good and strong, 

a coalition to stand up to, and bring down, all that’s wrong. 

We need a global will for change, 

for a healing, 

we need to stop the stealing of the world’s resources for the few, 

it’s rare to see things that are fair and just, 

so we must see change. 

It can be done, 

there’s enough stuff to go round, 

there need not be hunger, 

the pitiful sound of the thunder of hopelessness and helplessness. 

We need to give people hope, 

they have to believe that they’ll be able to cope, 

perhaps give evil leaders enough rope to hang themselves. 

The West has the money and power to enforce change, 

and it will if a range of leaders have the will to instill it, 

if they are bold, 

and not cold, 

if they have good, strong hearts, 

if their kindness is all pervasive, 

if they are not evasive, 

if they have, in their soul, 

goodness and strength, 

if that is their whole. 

Western leaders have to want to serve, 

not preserve the status quo, 

the source of so much woe! 

Power and strength is being wasted, 

it can bring about so much good 

in neighbourhoods around the world. 

It starts at the top, 

with the right Western leaders, 

all in power at the same time. 

There needs to be a consensus 

that they are there for the rest of us. 

They need to do what has to be done, 

flex their muscles 

for the struggles that lie ahead. 

It’ll be a marathon, not a sprint, 

there’ll be a ton of derision 

in responses to the decisions, 

but there are enough Pounds to go round, 

Western leaders can squash the corruption, 

that evil shower; 

cometh the hour, cometh the man, 

we need the right people in place 

if we are going to see a brighter future for the human race. 

Individuals’ lives matter! 

Leaders must stop flattering themselves, 

get down to global biz 

and rid the world of despots, 

the whole rancid lot, 

and bring about a better future for all, 

that’s my call!” 


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