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“So that pre-Shabbat run last night,

did it happen?

Did it…heck!

Fatigue, mired in it,

so, so tired.

But this morning, twenty-to-five,

awake, feeling alive,

an early rise,

out at five,

just 8k,

I felt more than OK!

Well, parts of the run weren’t fun,

but I had the resolve not to stop and walk

– I had to talk to myself,

keep going, no slowing down,

I had to dig deep,

keep the desire to go back to sleep at bay.

And to make it a great start to the day,

I followed up the run with a walk and a talk with my wife,

12k – yes, that’s the way to start the day,

couple of hours and then into the shower,

no use in making excuses,

just got to get on with it,

make the effort,

challenge yourself,

get out of your comfort zone,

own your present and your future,

boost your self-concept,

don’t feel inept,


Have a life plan,

stick to it,

no bull****!

Develop the right mindset,

I bet you can!

Make exercise, being active, part of your life,

keep your mind as sharp as a knife.

Running changed my life,

it can change yours,

don’t think of it as a chore,

embrace the challenges,

erase the negative thoughts,

your really ought to!

Be encouraged, find that motivation,

fight the temptation to give in before you start,

this is for your health, your brain and your heart,

mine is the voice of truth and fact,

you really have no choice but to act,

if your want longevity,

if you want to avoid brevity.”


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