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Hardest but most invigorating, confidence-boosting run today: 9km to the Dan Accadia hotel (averaged 5.45mins per km), a spot of breakfast, a coffee at Bell Beach and then 9km back (midday heat, a lot of uphill running) in similar time.



Tiring? I guess so but the adrenalin and the endorphins were so in play that, at the time, I barely felt it! When I got back home, instead of what I would have expected, collapse, I was buzzing!



I SO wish I’d ‘discovered’ running 25 years ago. I might have got a few marathons under my belt (or I might have needed knee replacements!).



Running up hill, on the way back, the midday sun overhead, it was positive me against the mentally weary negative me…physical weariness wasn’t in the mix, it was all mental. My carrying on, the determining factor was not a physical consideration, it was mental strength and I was determined to keep going, not so much for the cardio benefits nor the weight loss, partly, yes, but mostly for the good I knew that carrying on and finishing would do for my self-esteem and self-confidence. That ‘rush’ feeds my ‘spirit’, it stokes the fires which aren’t always burning in my belly, the fires which can so easily be extinguished by my inherent lack of self-confidence.



Running, it’s the arena in which the positive side of me fights the negative side: the positive side didn’t just win today, it knocked out, floored, the negative side!!

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