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“Ziv’s off the day after tomorrow,

I’ve got no time to borrow,

in the blink of an eye,

the present’s in the past,

it doesn’t last,

it flies by far too fast.

Time, we don’t own it,

we can’t control it,

we can’t slow it down,

soon, Ziv will be at Uni,

one minute in student garb,

the next in his finery and academic gown.

Last night, a family dinner,

all saying our goodbyes,

everyone telling it as it is,

all truths, no lies,

I mean, we all came clean,

told him exactly how we feel,

tears rolling down our cheeks,

oh, our feelings are painfully real!

And we all said it out loud,

how proud we are,

so much nachas,

he has earned the right to make this decision,

without our dousing his excitement with derision.

And we mustn’t be selfish,

he goes with our blessings,

everyone had an opportunity to address him,

to bless him.

He knows that home is family,

he knows that that is the reality,

he knows that home is with kith and kin,

we laid it on thick, not too thin.

Wednesday will be hard,

lots of emotions for this bard,

saying goodbye, or, rather, au-revoir,

the tears will well up and overflow into a salty reservoir,

but thank heavens for WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom,

we can always be in the same room.

Such is the world today,

he’ll never be far away.” – Koby

  • Anonymous
    August 17, 2020

    So sad but part of life…how we felt when you all went away…empty

    • Koby Gould
      August 17, 2020


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