2 great songs, 2 songwriting geniuses, 2 great musicians, singers, performers, entertainers, 2 barnstorming recordings plus, what was for me, a real treat, a real joy, when I tripped over it yesterday…



First up, from the prolific legend Paul Anka who gave us, or gave Frank Sinatra, who then gave us, “My Way”, when he, Paul, performed his magic on Claude ‘CloClo’ François’ “Comme d’habitude” – going off on a tangent here but when I mention the name CloClo to people who aren’t French (I’m not French, either), they often respond, “Who?” but when I tell them that he’s the singer who electrocuted himself when fixing a light-fitting when he was in the bath, or the shower, they ‘know’ him – such a talented guy, so sad to be known by so many as the guy who was electrocuted whilst taking a shower!


Anyway, I digress….back to Paul Anka and this terrific song and what a voice!!



‘You Are My Destiny’ (1957)





Now, from one songwriting genius to another….Neil Sedaka – hit after hit after hit and here’s one of them, ‘You Mean Everything To Me’, music by Sedaka, lyrics by Sedaka’s, back then, regular songwriting partner, Howard Greenfield…



BUT what is so striking is the similarity between Anka’s ‘You Are My Destiny’ and Sedaka’s ‘You Mean Everything To Me’. As far as I know, and I haven’t looked into it, the similarity (which you might not detect – maybe it’s just me) is just a coincidence – I don’t know of any controversy/legal action:



‘You Mean Everything To Me’ (1960):




….and now for that ‘treat’ – it might not mean anything to you but I love it…



Chaim Kaynan’s Hebrew version of ‘You Mean Everything To Me’, recorded by Sedaka – surreal, terrific, beautiful:




Thanks for ‘tuning in’…. I hope it was worth your while!

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