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“Further to my poem this morning,
which doubtless had most of you yawning, 
the poem about Ziv and Romi flying the nest
(some, it seems, thought the poem one of my best),
I have been advised that my condition of sadness,
to add to my condition of madness,
is ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’,
the children leaving home and mum and dad living alone.

Well, that diagnosis is a bit premature,
but, for the sadness, there is a cure,
he’s called Raphael, our younger son,
he keeps us on our toes, that one is a ton of fun.
So we can’t moan – he’s still at home!

Raphael has just become a teenager,
he hasn’t even thought of university 
or his preferred major,
and maybe by the time he does leave home,
a suitcase in one hand, in the other a map,
a grandchild will already have fallen into our lap.

So, we must focus on what we’ve got,
in Raphael, it is a lot,
and as for Romi and Ziv,
fact is,
there’s always WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype and the phone, 
so none of us need ever feel alone!” – koby

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