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Earlier this evening, I tweeted (@kobysnews) criticism of President Trump’s referring to the Corona virus as the “Chinese virus” but, having read, with an open mind, a lot of criticism of my position, I changed my mind/position and I’m ok with the reference, especially as China tried to pin the blame on the US military. I’d be surprised if many members of the US military took issue with their Commander-in-Chief giving the Chinese Government some of their own medicine.



The Corona virus did originate in China and that renders it a Chinese virus.

It was probably an accident but what were not accidents were:

the lies;

the attempted cover-ups;

the delays in coming clean and going into lockdown;

the silencing of those who knew the truth;

the failure to stop their people from travelling abroad, thereby ensuring that the virus would:

wreak havoc and mayhem;

end up killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people;

bankrupt nations, costing them billions of Dollars, trillions in total, to manage – to China’s advantage, in some ways!

affect, mentally and physically, in many cases ruin, by the economic turmoil, the lives of millions of people.



At the moment, dealing with the Corona pandemic, trying to bring it under control, attending to the medical and financial needs of people and companies/businesses, are all that matters but when the dust settles, China will have a lot of questions to answer and the world needs tough leaders like President Trump to ask them, tough leaders to insist on truthful answers, tough leaders to see that justice is done.



As for the point raised by many: “calling the Corona virus the ‘Chinese virus’ will incite racist hatred and violence”, racists will act like vermin regardless of what President Trump calls the virus. This has nothing to do with the Chinese People! China, the Chinese State, must be brought to book:


justice must be done and must be seen to be done!


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