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“We’re not free any more,
a virus and the law have reined us in,
us, our friends, our kith and kin,
no hugs, don’t want those bugs,
no hello kissing, I’m missing the contact,
I detest social distancing, the staying apart,
which so many have perfected, turned into an art.

Every time we go out, those masks,
I do feel that it’s quite an onerous ask.
It reinforces the sense of distance, of isolation, of frustration,
of our freedom have been stolen,
our now being beholden to a virus,
no touch, no hand shakes, 
it takes so much from our sense of community.

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,
till you’ve lost it, and we have lost our freedom which we now crave,
which we fear we won’t know again this side of our grave.

Some fear that a return to the old normal is not near, that we mightn’t see it again,
that we are now living in the new norm, that this is not a passing storm,
but is a climate here to stay.

Is Mother Nature biting back, is humanity now on the rack?
I am wondering, is the world crumbling, above, on the surface, below,
climate change, all the heat and all the snow? 
And now germs, viruses and bacteria, creating all this hysteria,
has G-d had enough, is this it, or is he calling our bluff – 
are we on the fairway or in the rough?

God and/or Mother Nature, one thing is for sure,
Mankind is the problem but it can be the cure.
We talk about a return to normal, to old times,
but that would be a death knell, the end, 
it would bring about something we could not mend.

We’re now in the last-chance saloon,
and, soon, judgement will be passed and Mankind’s fate will be sealed,
either we learn these final lessons or the end of our days will be revealed.”


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