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Divine is a foot. 

Her life’s a shoe. 

Would that Divine’s life was an open-toed shoe, a sandal, a flip-flop, airy, light, a good fit, or a great pair of trainers, again, the right fit, comfortable, if a closed shoe, lots of wiggle room for her toes….but it’s not so;

you see, Divine is a right foot, the shoe that is her life is a left shoe, a dreadful fit, very wrong, Divine’s life is a heavy shoe, wrong fit, no wiggle room, gives her blisters…

The foot that is Divine is damaged, broken. The podiatrist will rid her of the infection, the shoe salesperson will ensure that Divine slips into the right shoe for her. She WILL wear her glass slipper. Of course, Divine will have to do the walking…

Our life quest is to find the right size shoes, shoes that are the right fit, shoes that suit us, shoes we want to wear: it calls for authenticity and honesty. If everyone’s wearing heavy shoes, hiking boots, but you want to wear sandals, if sandals are more you, wear sandals, don’t force your feet into the hiking boots!

Now, imagine that you are a foot, that the life you are living is a shoe:

are your shoes comfortable, are you wearing shoes that you REALLY want to wear…?

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