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Has a US President ever made such a b*lls up in his first 2 weeks? I very much doubt it  – in like a bull in a china shop, he hasn’t thought through anything, he has a right shower around him…those who didn’t want him to win ‘knew’ it would be rough but I don’t think many of us knew quite how bad! He even appears to be losing the support of some of the Fox News team!! Every decision he takes has ramifications and he doesn’t get that, he doesn’t see the complexities, he doesn’t think things through but he’s President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief!!!



Donald Trump is way, way out of his depth, intellectually, experience-wise, in so many ways  –  he is going to be outmatched by just about every world leader he meets, by most politicians, advisers, analysts, commentators and not only is that going to be embarrassing for him, it’s going to be  –  it already is  –  embarrassing for the US and embarrassing for Americans, it is going to bring the country into disrepute and all of this is going to be particularly serious when he’s up against the bad guys! He is a smoke and mirrors man, he’s a businessman, he hadn’t served his country in any public/civic capacity before 20 January (which leads a lot of people to conclude that, for him, it’s all about self-aggrandisement  –  yes, I know, a big word but it is a favourite of mine!)…this whole thing is off-the-scale bonkers!

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