I have just watched Ep. 5 of Netflix’s breathtaking, magnificent production, The Crown’ – This episode is entitled ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ but it could just as easily, though less cryptically, have been titled, ‘The Coronation’.



What an accomplishment, to so successfully convey the awesomeness, the weightiness, the power, the ‘Heavenly Godliness’ of the Ceremony….an incredible achievement by all concerned in the creation and production of this episode and the show generally.



My having watched this episode tonight was pure happenchance – I could so easily have watched it last night or tomorrow night but I didn’t, I watched it tonight, 6 February 2017, and it is particularly apropos considering that King George VI passed away 65 years ago to the day, 6 February 1952 – today, 6 February 2017, marks 65 years since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II acceded to The Thrown (the Coronation was on 2 June, 1953).



Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign is the longest by any British Monarch and as confident as her doting father was in her abilities to live up to her responsibility, to live in accordance with her duty, surely he cannot have imagined how magnificent her Reign would be, how magnificently his daughter would conduct herself and her life, how magnificently she would carry out her responsibilities as Monarch.



I no longer live in England, I now live in Israel, but my heart is in both countries and, that being so, I shall remain proudly British, I shall remain a proud Englishman (I shall remain a proud Geordie!) and Queen Elizabeth II will be my Queen until either she or I pass away.



“Congratulations, Your Majesty”



Long Live The Queen! God Save The Queen!

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