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The current situation vis a vis this election, more precisely the popularity of Trump, highlights a serious US nationwide problem: the dumbing down of US society by people who are happy to have a man like Trump as their President and Commander-in-Chief, happy to have a man like Trump, a man with absolutely no class, an odious, horrible man, as a reflection of who they think is the consummate American, the dumbing down of US society by people who are happy to tell their children, their sons and their daughters, that this man, Trump, is the best of America.



If I was an American and was voting for Trump, I wouldn’t be able to look my children in the face and tell them that I had voted for this man. How on Earth could I guide my children, try to keep them on the right path whilst, at the same time, voting for Donald Trump? It is ridiculous to say, “We aren’t voting for the Pope” as if his morals are irrelevant – you aren’t voting for the Pope but you are voting to put a man or a woman in The White House, a man or woman who represents what you, the voter, consider to be a person of good moral standing, a person who your children can look up to and respect. Regardless of whether or not Trump wins the Election, I wouldn’t want my children, I certainly wouldn’t want my daughter, to go anyway near the man.



I am not for one second saying that the thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency fills me with excitement. It’s a tragically sad indictment of the American People and the US electoral machine that Hillary and Donald are, apparently, America’s finest, the best of America, the best two candidates for the Presidency but comparing Trump with Hillary, it’s chalk and cheese. She is far, far from perfect but Trump has no attributes whatsoever. He is completely unfit for Office, completely unfit for purpose. Bill Clinton had big faults but he had attributes that qualified him for the Presidency. Nixon, we know his faults, huge ones, but if it hadn’t been for his character and personality flaws, if he’d finished his second Term, he may well have gone down in history as one of the great Presidents.



When we contemplate the dangers of a seriously unqualified, inappropriate, dangerous occupant of The White House, we don’t have to look too far back to find examples that illustrate the risks:



George W. Bush’s Presidency was a dangerous time and we are still living today with the consequences of dreadful decisions and mistakes he made, not least of which was his hero worship of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Karl Rove et al. We’ll never know how an Al Gore Presidency would have panned out by I assume a lot better than Bush’s.



Ronald Reagan almost bankrupted America in furtherance of his policy of military build up in the belief that it would break the Soviet Union and cause it to collapse under the stress of trying to keep up in the ‘arms race’. We’ll never know what would have happened if he hadn’t pursued the policy – there’s a major school of thought which argues that the Soviet Union was collapsing without Reagan’s dangerous policy – but it was a frighteningly dangerous policy. If Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and their cronies, not Mikhail Gorbachev, had been in power throughout the whole of Reagan’s Presidency, things might have turned out very differently!! Furthermore, colossal spending on military build up but virtually nothing on AIDS research – the Reagan Administration’s failure to address the problem of AIDS resulted in millions of agonizing, distressing, unavoidable deaths worldwide.



Trump is all negatives, a crass, narcissistic, marketing, smoke and mirrors man. It appears that he simply does not have the requisite intelligence to be President of The United States and, in addition to that, he has a warped mind.



There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the US – the world – will be in a highly precarious position if that man, a man who would bring the United States into disrepute and put us all at risk, if he becomes President.

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