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I just have to tweet this photo:





Videos are great, of course, but ‘stills’ catch a moment…videos can miss the moment, they don’t catch them, hold them, they don’t suspend the moment like ‘stills’ do.



Here, my sister, with the dark hair, is catching up with an old friend (‘old’ as in they go way, way back). They are both in their late 40’s but they look so young here (yes, yes, ladies, you do anyway xx), their friendship as real and solid as always, their lives have spread out in different directions but when they get together, they pick up where they left off the last time they saw each other. That’s friendship, rooted in the past, cemented over the years, through shared experiences….every friendship, a unique relationship, so personal, accepting, understanding, empathetic, supportive, not judgemental…



I love this photo, it reflects a deep, genuine friendship, one in which both girls know each other so well…look again at the girls laughing together…that moment erupted from their souls.



Beautiful xx

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