I was having a private message ‘chat’ with my new, unofficial writing mentor yesterday and, re one of the exchanges, she said,

“love this! this is a beautiful blog post, as is”:

I guess that she meant that what I had just said would make a great blog –

so here it is…

“Depression, mental illness/health/wellness, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, I know a things or two about it!!!!!!!! I’ve suspected for years that I’ve had ADHD all my life and, yup, just been diagnosed (I’m 54years old!). Now, on Adderall and, on the one hand, feeling SO much better but, of course, it’s tough, looking back, thinking how the past, school etc, it needn’t have been years of suffering and trauma. That said, had anything been different, had I made one right turn instead of left, one left instead of right, I wouldn’t have met my wife, had my kids…. so, regrets? I can’t look at my mistakes etc as regrets because, in reality, they were blessings along the only road which was ever going to lead me to where I am today. You’ll probably have seen the start of my book on the ‘work-in-progress’ website?? (I’ve written almost 25,000 words). A run in the morning, then psychologist at 8.15am, psychiatrist on Wednesday! Thing is, if you were to meet me, you wouldn’t spot me as the depression guy in the room. But, then again, you might – you probably know that the most likely one is the one who seems most socially-at-ease, most confident, the life and soul of the party – he/she is usually the one. As I say, ‘Never take a smile at face value!”. Have a great and safe break and do everything you can to dodge the corona bullet!! Thanks for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to me!

I’ve got some great people around me, two, new, unofficial mentors, one for my soul, one for my writing, two people who exude empathy, compassion, kindness, I’m blessed to have an incredible, loving, tolerant, caring, family, understanding friends, and, to these people, I say “thank you, thank you for being you, thank you for bearing with me, for your patience, for inspiring me, for encouraging me… You make all the difference, you make life worth living!

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