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‘Take what action 

to secure enduring satisfaction,

to achieve the holy grail,

what does it entail?

The holy grail

is true joy,

it’s peace of mind,

how do we find that peace of mind?

Don’t look outward, look in,

look deep below your skin,

focus on your soul, 

ask yourself,

“What is my role?”

Ask yourself,

“Is my body, mind, heart and soul in sync?”

because between where you are and the holy grail,

that is the link.

If they are out of kilter,

if they aren’t in sync,

you ain’t going to have a life in the pink.

You’ll be frustrated and tormented,

you could become demented,

your soul will be tortured,

like Adam and Eve’s in the orchard.

Don’t live as a stranger to yourself and others,

don’t hide your true self under the covers,

be brave, be bold, before you’re too old,

don’t just talk the talk,

be that Englishman in New York.

Don’t be a lawyer, 

if you want to work on a frigate or a destroyer,

don’t be a bingo-caller if you’d rather be a footballer,

don’t be a bell-ringer if you’d rather be a singer,

don’t work for Max Factor if you’d rather be an actor,

and don’t work for Chanel if it would make your life an absolute hell!

It’s no one else’s life, it’s yours,

don’t let your life be a chore, a total bore,

be yourself, make your own way,

be sure to have the final say.’ – koby

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