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“You don’t want a husband, you want a wife,
no problem – it’s YOUR life,
listen to your soul, to its voice,
it is YOUR life, so it is YOUR choice.

It’s YOUR life, not theirs,
ignore their stares.

If they aren’t brave enough to follow their dreams,
don’t let them stifle yours,
ignore the cultural and local mores,
unlock and open YOUR chosen doors.

You don’t want to be a lawyer, an accountant, a doctor,
you want to be in the Airforce and fly a helicopter,
you want to be an actor, a chiropractor,
it’s up to YOU,
want a tattoo? Do that, too!

People who say “don’t”, 
there’s often envy, jealously, a chip on their shoulder,
ignore them, do it before you get much older.

They pretend to have your interests at heart,
but their need
is to see
that you don’t succeed;
they didn’t, so you mustn’t.
Do it their way,
and YOU will pay!

Get your mind, body, heart and soul in sync,
know that authenticity
is the electricity of your soul.

It’s YOUR future to own,
so hone YOUR talents,
develop the skills
that will enable you, 
that will empower and embolden,
you are not beholden to anyone or anything,
just your soul, the keeper of the truth that is YOUR role.”


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