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It must, by now, be becoming clear to all but the ostriches, the not-so-bright, the selfish and the racists that this is getting serious, that this is a real mess and that things are going to get a lot worse. Brexit supporters can make light of there being no more Marmite (or Marmite Light) on Tesco’s shelves but prices are going to increase, not just in the shops but beyond, e.g. petrol. Inflation will go up, your pound’s value will sink further. Interest rates will┬áhave to go up eventually to stem Sterling’s collapse and to head off inflationary pressure – that will hit the economy.

I envisage an aggressive backlash/atmosphere in Britain. I can see, in the very near future, Brexit supporters keeping quiet about their support for leaving and not admitting that they voted for Brexit. Something big will happen soon, a major employer will pull out of the UK, thousands will be laid off, and things will start to get really nasty…Brexiteers will be attacked, “You’ve Got Blood On Your Hands” will be the ‘soundtrack’ to the attacks – this side to the ‘story’ has not, as far as I know, been touched upon yet but it will happen….there’ll be riots, it will snowball and it will get nasty, it will get violent…it’s inevitable!

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