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Tues 16 June, lots happening…

a) my 54th birthday: I’ll celebrate it this year, I’ll celebrate being ALIVE!

b) I’m running my first ultra-marathon, 54km, with my elder son, also his first ultra;

c) Marathon Monster (that’s me and my son), we’re meeting with Israel Centre on Addiction’s (ICA) PR team, Unik*;

d) I’m going to stop the obsessive calorie counting, perhaps eat the first crumb of cake in 5 years – yup, that’s right, not a crumb for over 5 years, might have my first sweet, maybe a slice of pizza – enough of this eating disorder, feeling hungry most of the time, enough of living under an umbrella of calorie counting, the constant barrage of thoughts about eating, when next, what next… it’ll be interesting to see how, not being hungry, weak, jaded, lethargic, how it frees me up, how it affects my mojo..

e) moving to the next prep stage of my cathartic book-writing project, this rollercoaster journey, light to dark to light again, the what, the how, the realisations that have dawned on me, the insight that is now part of the foundations on which I’m living my life today…

Yeah, God Willing, all being well, I’m going to make my birthday a BIG day this year!

*In December, my elder son and I are running 100 miles, 222 x up and down a less-than-half a mile long street in Ra’anana, Israel, to raise awareness of addiction in Israel and the work of ICA and to raise money for the organisation (the ‘route’ is subject to change as the mayor of Ra’anana/the City has not yet given approval).

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