‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’

I’m not sure that I could pen my top 10 favourite songs of all time…there are so many greats, so many classics, so many beautiful songs that make me melt, that bring tears to my eyes no matter how often I hear them. However, if I were to try to produce a list, I’m sure that ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’ would be on it. Music by Johnny Mandel, lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, the song is also known as ‘Love Theme from The Sandpiper’ and was introduced in the 1965 movie, ‘The Sandpiper’.

So many great stars  –  legends  –  have covered this beautiful song and it’s difficult to say which is THE classic version though whenever Frank Sinatra has a version, his is often THE one. In the case of ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile, though, I’m not so sure. Frank’s is, of course, ONE of THE covers but maybe, for me, Tony Bennett’s is THE version. That said, the Jonny Mathis/Dave Koz version is outstanding!!!!

Here are a few of my favourite covers and they are all terrific:

1) Tony Bennett  –  I LOVE Tony Bennett!!!

2) Frank Sinatra, sublime, as always….

3) Andy Williams, such a sweet, full, golden voice

4) George Benson, his improvisation, his own brand of magic, works every time

5) Dave Koz/Jonny Mathis, utterly, utterly sublime, dreamy, heavenly, staggeringly beautiful…just watch how in awe Dave Koz is of Jonny Mathis…and Jonny is loving the music as if he’s still a kid and new to the business –  beautiful to behold! This is quite simply one of life’s good things!

6) Lou Rawls  –  one of THE voices, so rich, so full, so warm, Lou does this beautiful song justice!

7) Barbra Streisand, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, beautiful!!!

8) Oscar Peterson  –  his sparkling personality, that smile, that laugh, it’s all in this magical rendition

9) Louis van Dijk Trio  –  paints so clearly the many shades of love, from unrequited to fun and carefree, it’s all in there.

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