Rabbi Boteach On Last Week’s US Supreme Court Decision To Allow Same-Sex Marriage In All 50 US States

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When I started CARRY ON KOBY, I decided that neither religion nor politics would be the subject of any of my blogs. I don’t think I’m infringing my rules by posting this blog as it’s more an issue of gay rights than religion per se.

Well, here it is…


Hear, hear!!! Well said!!! Now, THAT’S how to reconcile Orthodox Judaism with a celebration of the right of same-sex couples to marry in all 50 US States. At the core of this reconciling is the absence of hate and bigotry. If you are a hater, that is ugly and very sad  –  tragic  –  but to profess to be ‘religious’ and to be simply applying H”M’s dictates, that is sacrilege! If you weren’t a hater, a bigot, but decided that you had to be because that is your understanding of G-d’s wishes and orders, I believe that you have got G-d ‘wrong’!

My problem with the vitriol which is being spewed all over the place in response to last week’s US Supreme Court decision is that the hate is beyond my comprehension…I can’t make sense of it. Although I do believe that lots of people who ‘attack’ gays are closet gays themselves, I know that the hatred has many sources.

I recently read an article or a blog by Rabbi Boteach in support of the US Supreme Court decision, his celebrating this flourishing of fairness. The comments that followed were, on the whole, vile! The bigots justifying their ‘anti gay’ diatribes by ‘quoting’ G-d, I hope and trust that all of them have a ‘Kosher’ sex life. No adultery?? No ‘wanton glances’?? Always thinking of the beauty of the words of the Torah during the act of procreation?? Only the ‘missionary’ position?? Finally, in the matter of Kosher sex, and in light of the bigots’ constant references to ‘Sodom’, I trust that none of Rabbi Boteach’s detractors engage in…how can I put this politely, ‘that sort of thing’ within their heterosexual relationships??? Such hypocrisy!!!

My hope is that the millions of people, gay and straight, who are celebrating the advancement of gay rights and embracing the changes, that they will create a wave of enlightenment and change which will push the ‘Canutes’ out of the way and bring about more changes in areas of life which are still infected with hate and bigotry.

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