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According to BBC News, Paul Nuttall, “one of the frontrunners to succeed Nigel Farage as the leader of UKIP” wants to see his old boss in the House of Lords. He, Nutall, said that it would be a “fitting tribute to the man who gave us Brexit”.






UKIP is sliding further and further away from the arena of mainstream politics and is now firmly ensconced in the lunatic fringe region. Farage, a Peerage??!!



If he is made a Peer, let’s hope that that Queen ‘accidentally’ chops his head off with the Royal sword. Chakrabarti, now possibly Farage, the Honours system, of which we could be so proud if it were utilised properly, is fast becoming farcical ¬†– ¬†very soon, people who genuinely deserve Honours will be turning them down because they won’t want to be in the company of some of the reprobates who are getting them.



The poor Queen (and Princes Charles and William, and I think Princess Anne, too), having to present Honours to some of the filth that is presented to them….it has all become so grubby, shameful and embarrassing!

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