Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson’s finest hour, the penning of this magical classic, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”*, made all the more magical and classic by Marvin and Tammi.






Marvin, whose divine musical sweetness and soul was so tangible and transparent, was destroyed by Tammi’s tragic death at the horrendously young age of 24  –  she was stunning, beautiful and gorgeous, had such a sweet voice and was top to toe a star. The chemistry between Marvin and Tammi is palpable and beautiful to behold. That said, whilst a sublime pleasure to watch the performance and to listen to the music, it’s also painful, the thought of illness felling this little angel at such a young age, the thought of Marvin’s agony, the thought and memory of Marvin’s tortured  –  and yet beautiful  –  soul and his death at the age off 44 in such dreadful circumstances (shot by his father in the midst of an explosive argument).



We must try to put the painful thoughts to one side and just enjoy the timeless musical legacy that they left us and which will always be cherished and treasured.


(*Yes, Ashford and Simpson’s ‘Solid’ is also a terrific song)

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