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Andy Murray:


A spectacular competitor, sportsman, winner, tennis player.



The 4 aforementioned nouns aren’t placed in any particular order except that I will say that I do think that the first three should come before ‘tennis player’ – of course, Murray is a fantastic tennis player but that is the minimum required to be in that top echelon of players – it’s what else you have in your locker that makes the difference and we saw tonight, particularly in the context of the gruelling duel he won only 24 hours ago, we saw not just Andy Murray the tennis player but we saw an outstanding, ‘never-say-die’ competitor and sportsman, a man who is inherently, naturally, a winner, a man for whom coming second, even when the odds are stacked against him (and I think they were tonight), a man who has the self-belief, tunnel vision and the burning desire to fuel the drive to win which gets him to the finishing line first.



Massive congratulations to Andy Murray.



Arise, Sir Andy Murray, World No. 1, Wimbledon Champion, Olympic Champion.

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