I detest publishing political blogs on my blog website but this article by Gregg Carlstrom in The Times (of London) today has riled me to the extent that I have simply had to ‘put pen to paper’.


Click on the link and see the first photo, a boy in the custody of two security guards. Unless you are a subscriber to The Times online, you won’t be able to access all of the story:



Gregg Carlstrom is the epitome of the fake news ‘journalist’! The photo at the top of the story, NO context, deliberately chosen, IMHO, to be provocative!! Look at the face on that boy: in my opinion, there can only be anti-Israel motivation behind the choosing of that photo  –  what had the boy been doing before he was taken away????!!!!  CONTEXT! BALANCE!


Moreover, this apology for a journalist makes no mention of the fact that whilst Muslims are allowed to pray on Temple Mount (as is right, it is a holy site, Haram esh-Sharif, for Muslims as well as being holy, Har al-Bayit, for Jews), Israeli police will arrest any Jew who prays on the Mount  –  and will remove any Jew who even looks as if he might pray. That should be emphasised: Israeli law allows Muslims to pray on Temple Mount but forbids Jews to pray there. Carlstrom thinks Temple Mount is a site of unfairness  –  I agree: unfairness for Jews!


For the record, I’m politically in the centre – from all standpoints, political, religious and Zionistic, I have no personal interest in even going to Temple Mount – what riles me FAR FAR more than the legal inequality or even the fairness/morality issues surrounding Temple Mount is Carlstrom-esque fake news ‘journalism’! It’s not only wrong on so many levels, it’s downright dangerous. ‘Journalists’ like Carlstrom are lighting the touch paper and standing back  –  they aren’t the ones who get killed in the aggression which is sparked by their irresponsibility and malicious ‘reporting’!


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