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“Many people argue that there are no miracles today, 

but I think that that’s an odd thing to say; 

I don’t need to see someone split water, 

I see miracles in my sons and daughter, 

I think it’s a miracle that Yaf is my wife ,

I see a miracle in the fact that is my life. 

What else is a miracle? 

Let’s keep it simple, not argue and get hysterical: 

a miracle is the moon, it being in the sky all day and night 

– if it’s not there tonight, you’ll get more than a light fright, 

(cheesy rhyme that time!). 

A miracle is the sun, which provides light and gives us life, 

a miracle is gravity, don’t regard it with levity. 

A miracle is a bee, a miracle is a vast sea, 

a miracle is a bird, 

a miracle was my grandma’s lemon curd, 

a miracle is my mum’s chocolate biscuit cake, 

a miracle is whatever she chooses to bake. 

A miracle is my dad,

though he thinks I’m stark raving mad,

a miracle is Yaf’s cooking, 

and, by ‘eck, is she fabulously good looking?!

My sister is miraculous,

she’s absolutely fabulous,

miracles are Newcastle United’s victories over our rivals, 

miracles are NUFC’s league survivals, 


a miracle is kindness, it’s empathy, it’s compassion, 

a miracle is love, a miracle is passion. 

A miracle is our conscience, it’s our neshama, our soul, 

THAT is the miracle which makes us whole. 

Yes, I think it’s clear that miracles are here:  

miracles abound, miracles are all around.”


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