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Beautiful words.


BBC obituary:


‘When he was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2003 he said his destiny had been “to make people happy”.’

‘ “He was an incredible entertainer and brought happiness and lifelong memories to millions around the world,” said Globetrotters chief executive Kurt Schneider.’

They really are beautiful words – to want to make people happy, and to do it, however we do it, whether it’s as a mum or a dad ensuring that our children feel safe, secure and happy, as a husband or a wife making our ‘other half’ (in my case, my ‘better half’) feel secure, confident, happy and loved, as a nurse in a hospital, ensuring that patients feel that their dignity is in tact, feel human, as a teacher, getting a child to realise that she/he can ‘do maths’, as a doctor giving parents hope or as a comedian making people laugh or as a musician making people happy, whatever, that has to be the aim in life…making a positive difference, adding value to people’s lives, living life in such a way that, when you’ve gone, it will be a fact that had you not lived, the world would have been a lesser place, that yours was a life, in terms of the effect that you had on the world and its inhabitants, worth living.

Meadowlark Lemon, yours was clearly a life well worth living – RIP…

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