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A ‘MUST WATCH’ vid!!



Lucy Aharish nails it – what today’s Syria tells us about the state of humanity, how it reflects the abject, selfish, impotence of world ‘leaders’ and the UN, the indelible stain of shameful disgrace on the reputation of today’s ‘leaders’ and the UN, particularly in view of the warnings of the past which are, quite clearly, lessons ignored.



From their gilded palaces and ivory towers, today’s selfish, arrogant, impotent, narcissistic ‘leaders’ look down on children – CHILDREN – being slaughtered, parents howling as they hold their dead children to their chests and, as judged by the inaction, they couldn’t give a damn.



In 1945, we said “Never Again” but it does happen, again and again and again….



What hope have we got of a better future? None.



I watched, listened to Lucy’s ‘statement’, tears welling up, resigned to the armageddon which is unfolding before our eyes…. We are, in our time, in the never ending cycle of war and hatred, witnessing the death throes of mankind and, intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or subconsciously, Lucy Aharish is, in this report, bringing that news to ‘the people’.

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