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What now say all ye Jews who voted for Trump* or, if unable to vote, were going around singing his praises? Trump didn’t wait long before pinning his post-electoral victory colours to the mast.



Hillary was no saint but Trump and co are in a different class (and that’s not intended as a compliment).



The only good thing about Trump bringing this antisemitic white nationalist so deep into the future Administration fold is that his, Trump’s, mindset/philosophy is transparent – there can be no doubt as to what Trump is and where he stands ideologically.



As I have had cause to say over the last couple of days, Jews who voted for Trump are akin to Turkeys voting for Christmas.



Jews who think they’ll be fine because Trump has a daughter who converted to Judaism are deluding themselves – that’s a political red herring, it makes no difference (as you can see by this appointment of Stephen Bannon). Racists hate all minorities! Moreover, even if Trump and co were ok with Jews but hated African Americans, for example, as human beings we should support the African Americans, stand up against racism and bigotry against any minority.



People who think that George W had a poisonous team with him in The White House, look what sort of people Trump is bringing with him.



Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Wolfowitz, they are kittens compared to the likes of Bannon.



* I have read that the majority (ratio 4:1) of Florida’s Jews voted for Hillary Clinton  –  75% isn’t great but at least it was a sizeable majority. Still beggars the question of the other 25%, “Why did you vote for Trump? You might have despised Hillary but why didn’t you just abstain/spoil your ballot?”

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