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The light that was Jackie Collins’ life has sadly gone out:


What an amazing life!!

Jackie Collins had ambition and dreams like so many people but unlike many dreamers, she actually focused and pursued the dreams until she achieved them (and she kept focusing and achieving). She lived in a way that tells me that she was aware that this is it, that this is not a dress rehearsal. She suffered tragedies, a divorce and the death of two husbands but she seems to have been stoic and resilient. Jackie Collins was no lightweight!!

I guess Collins’ books won’t be ‘set texts’ for A Level or English literature degree university students but those best sellers were her business and she was clearly extremely good it at. She was the Primark of the literary world. There’s no snobbery or shame in the retail business – Primark, quality goods, ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’, mass market, very successful, very popular, great concept, congrats! It’s not Harrods but so what? It’s a great business! It’s all business and Jackie Collins, just look at the numbers, she was one of the best!

We live on an amazing planet but, in large part, it’s dark, grey, grim and evil abounds. People like Jackie Collins bring light, levity and fun into the world and when they leave us, the world is that bit darker…

RIP, Jackie Collins, a life well lived and, to the benefit of millions, a life well worth living.

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