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‘El Al flight to Abu Dhabi in the UAE,
quite something to see,
flew through Saudi Arabian airspace,
SAUDI, THE face of the Arab World.

The moment was a watershed,
considering that relations between Israel and these countries were dead.
Saudi and the UAE have set a new agenda,
have set the pace,
and now there’s a race between other nations to improve relations with Israel.

What a tale this is,
a monumental week,
perhaps a sneak preview of a future of peace in the Middle East,
a release from the chains of hatred and war:
what we saw are people with more in common than not,
people with much to gain by burying the hatchet
and making peace once and for all

  • let’s hope it doesn’t stall.

It’ll be a bumpy road ahead,
no doubt about that,
there’ll be spats,
politics in play,
but the rays of hope
are lighting up the Middle East
in ways we have never seen before,
and I think there’s a lot more in store
for millions who hanker after peace,
after a new lease of life for the Middle East.

It’s a great call,
but that’s not all,
let’s hope that it builds up a head of steam,
that other Arab nations are keen on getting on the bandwagon,
that they are gaggin’ for a better future,
for Iran to be sidelined,
kicked into touch,
neutralised as a power,
and that that shower of leaders, the Ayatollahs,
a bunch of horrors,
are rendered impotent, redundant in the region.

There’s a lot to do behind the scenes,
it means compromises, pragmatism and tough decisions to be made,
but the foundations have been laid,
and if the parties focus on the goals and the prizes,
there should be no crisis,
and we should make it.

If this proves to be a false dawn,
there’ll be scorn poured on the leaders of the nations:
pray that peace is at hand,
pray for the promised land.’


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