“Mum’s Little Book of BIG RULES (in no particular order): For David, Reuben & Ethan and anyone else who might find inspiration in these pages (with some repetition for emphasis :-)”, by Deborah Judah

I have just read this wonderful ‘Little Book of Big Rules’:
The beautiful Deborah Judah, of blessed memory, passed away a year ago at the tragically young age of 52. That pesky cancer stole her away from her family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, from all those whose lives she touched in her short life and all those whose lives she would have touched had she been gifted a longer life (Deborah’s family will continue to shine the light of her life and soul).

Deborah, of course, did not want to leave this world. Her primary concern, as a mum, was that she would not be here to advise and guide her children on their journey from childhood to adulthood and beyond.



When the brave and stoic Deborah knew that she had only a short time left, she set about penning this book, a guide, her words, that advice and guidance, for her children, answers to the questions teenagers and young adults ask and guidance about things they don’t ask but should! What kind of things? Relationships, money, food/diet, manners/values, work/careers, even personal hygiene, and then some…



eg. “40. Always be polite, respectful and appreciative of ‘staff’ – waiters, hotel workers, shop assistants.”



“41. Challenge yourself to do something that puts you out of your comfort zone; public speaking, jump out of a plane; dance. But do something safe.”



“51. There’s nothing more fun than squeezing a good spot.”



“68. Spend money on things that will last. Buy comfortable, good shoes. Buy a good bed.”



“82. Don’t let the moment pass you by. You can reflect on the past, plan for the future but the present is there for us to enjoy.”



There are 106 ‘rules’ and loads of great, heartwarming, family photos.



Deborah’s voice, personality, her soul, they jump off every page. I have no doubt that Deborah’s children can hear their mum in this book, that they can feel her presence.



Deborah left a giant footprint on this planet. I met her a year or so before she passed and we gelled immediately – platonic love at first sight (although see rule 27!).



Deborah didn’t cease to exist when she passed away. Her presence only changed. Only on one level, the physical, did her presence lighten. Her spirit is still extremely tangible. She lives on through her legacy of kindness which continues to warm the hearts of many, she lives on through the smiles on faces, smiles raised by the memories, she lives on through her family and loved ones and in this book, this living companion.



Of course, if I was to pen a personal guide to my children, it would be that, personal, my own thoughts, but if I don’t get round to putting them in a book (I really must), I’d be more than happy for my children to read Deborah’s book and to follow her advice and guidance. Deborah and I are on the same page in many respects! What a wise lady!



I heartily recommend this book to all – and, if you buy it, you’ll be swelling the coffers of Chai Cancer Care, the UK Jewish Community’s Cancer Support Organisation.



If you would like to buy the book, here is the purchase/payment information:

Thank you!!

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